game-dev training
Call-of-Duty, World-of-Warcraft, Medal of honour...Are you spell-bound by 3D games and the amazing worlds defined therein? What if you were the designer? what if you could unleash your creative genius, and make your own worlds? Now, with Unity, you can!
Unity is an amazing game-engine that allows you to make games with minimal coding, allowing complete artistic freedom. Rahbar presents a 4-day (8-10 hours) live workshop on game development with Unity. Starting from the very basics, you will be guided "hands-on" to the creating of a virtual game-world, complete with terrains, trees, obstacles, lights, and more and then learn how to deploy the completed game world on multiple platforms, such as the Macintosh, Windows, and even a browser!
Welcome Game on! COURSE INFO SAMPLE VIDEOS Dates: 23, 24,30,31 July 2011
Time: 11:00 a.m (UK)
Duration: 2 hours/day